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team building event north wales
North Wales Team Challenge
OK team, listen up!

This is not just your run-of-the-mill communication and bonding romp in a muddy field... it's much wetter than that!

A timed competitive event over a lakeland course, this 2-hour exercise tests the physical and mental resources of individual team members, with bonus and penalty points awarded by the judges.

The event starts in Canadian canoes, paddling towards a pile of junk - which turns out to be your DIY Robinson Crusoe sailing kit! All you have to do is make it float long enough to take the team downstream to a specified point. Having landed on one bank, you then have to transfer the whole team over the stream without getting wet.

Finally, running back to the canoes you head for the finishing line, coming home together as a team.

Champions ...

Duration:2.5 Hours
Price:£65.00 per person
Minimum No.:12
Age Range:Minimum age 16 years
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