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potters challenge north wales
Potters Challenge
Create in Clay

A creative team event with a stunning 3 dimensional product that will take pride of place in your office or reception.

We utilise a potters materials and equipment for this team event which is mobile and can be set up in an office or conference room.

The group is split into 4 teams and each given a brief to create part of a structure. The teams are given 15 minutes to draft out their ideas and produce an image to work from.

After a consultation process with an experienced Potter to examine the technical implications of creating the teams idea, the team begins work!

The team works together to construct their design using a potter's wheel and a range of materials. Everyone has the opportunity to use the wheel.

Each team is responsible for completing a section of the overall finished product. After the initial design period, it will become evident that each team is working on a part of the structure. The completed design will depend on the communication between teams.

The result is a memorable 3 dimensional structure that can pride of place in the office.


. 2 course hot fork buffet with Private Dining

. Potters Wheel

. Clay

. Aprons

. Specialist Tools

. Firing and Mounting

. Exclusive venue hire

. Finished crest of arms

. Potters Challenge

Optional Extras:

. Venue Finding Service

. Goody Bags

. Branded Aprons

. Welcome Drinks

. Coach Transer

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