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music activities north wales
Tribal Rhythm
All around the world, music and dance are timeless tribal rituals, motivating and energising warriors, and bonding individuals into tightly-knit social groups.

We have designed a fantastic group event based on the use of percussive rhythms as a fundamental human team-building technique. We teach each team to work together and synchronise their efforts for the good of the whole.

Borrowing rhythms from Brazil, Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Asia, it's a high-energy, joyous fusion of Drumming, Costume, Percussion, Dance & Movement. The increasing rhythm of the drumbeat increases the heartbeat, to get the adrenaline pumping and raise the spirits. Before you know it, everybody has a big, stupid grin on their face!

Zone 1 - African Adventure

Our Drum Masters take each team on a rhythmical journey through Africa as they learn the techniques and
power of group drumming.

Zone 2 - The world-famous Maori 'Haka'

Our former SAS Instructor (a 7-foot tall Maori) and his team teach you the ancient battle dance of
New Zealand's native warriors - still used by rugby's All Blacks to intimidate their opponents.

Zone 3 - Junk Funk

Led by our instructor, who creates a 'STOMP LIKE' experience, the teams don orange 'high-viz' vests and
grab an assortment of urban percussion 'instruments' to recreate the rhythms of New York street dance.

Zone 4 - The Grand Finale

The teams are 'remixed' to create new dynamics and celebrate with an explosion of percussion, before
coming together as one great tribe for a final 'Haka'.

. Experienced and fully costumed Haka performer

. Tribal Face paint for delegates

. Framed certificate awarded to your company for completion

of the HAKA

. Drums for everyone

. Drum Master

. Props and costumes for 'Junk Funk' Zone

. All basic theming in areas to enhance the teams'


you can't beat 'em. ... so join them, in Mankind's oldest 'team-building' pursuit!

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